About Us

MISSION: Equipping leaders to transform businesses and communities.

Inspiring Leadership presents a world-class group of inspirational speakers at events designed to add value to leaders toward enhancing their leadership capacity.

As our guests gain increased leadership capacity, their organizations and communities will experience positive, transformative, growth, and change. In addition, Inspiring Leadership attendees will enjoy an encouraging atmosphere of collaboration that will lead to win-win partnerships across industries and communities.

About Us

Thomas Bush
Eve Nasby
Jim Sagona

Thomas Bush is Founder and Director of Inspiring Leadership. Thomas is a community transformation strategist with a background in systems analysis and collaborative action.

Inspiring Leadership grew out of Thomas’s life-changing experiences with successful leaders, his hope-filled connections with aspiring leaders and his disappointing encounters where leadership did not meet his needs or expectations.

Thomas is an inspiring leader himself!  His exhilarating experience of seeing thousands of dollars of economic impact generated by dedicated community members motivated him to launch Inspiring Leadership as an on-going concern.  Thomas’ understanding that “leaders transform communities” fuels his desire to serve leaders toward raising the level of effective leadership in communities.

Along with leaders Eve Nasby and Jim Sagona, Inspiring Leadership seeks to serve Business and Community leaders to:

  1. Honor their significant investment and impact in communities.
  2. Allow them to meet and collaborate with like-minded leaders.
  3. Provide value-added events that enhance their leadership capacity.

Connecting with Thomas and Inspiring Leadership sets leaders on an exciting path toward enhanced leadership competence and greater effectiveness. 

We seek to grow the impact of Inspiring Leadership through mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Are you a speaker who inspires others to enhance leadership?
  • Will you partner with Inspiring Leadership to host an Inspiring Leadership event in your community?
  • Do you lead an organization that could benefit from transformative leadership development?