Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join? 

Inspiring Leadership is a community of people who seek to grow as leaders in making a greater and greater impact in “their” world.  It is not a membership organization.

Inspiring Leadership’s target audience is business and community leaders.  However, leaders, aspiring leaders, and the general public are invited and welcome to attend Inspiring Leadership events.

What will I learn?

Inspiring Leadership events connect the stories of success of inspirational speakers with audiences of business and community leaders.

The ultimate goal is to have the inspirational speaker share the impactful “lessons learned” from their experiences that have the potential of growing the leadership acumen of the audience.

Why should I invest?

Like a well-crafted inspirational movie or performance, Inspiring Leadership events will “inspire us” to work toward living our best life.   When we are inspired, engaged, and growing, we experience life to the fullest!

As we invest in our own growth and in this organization, more and more people will experience the benefits of our improved leadership.

“Great leaders make everyone around them better” Victor Lipman  When we experience leadership growth in our lives and the lives of each other, our greater community will experience the benefits of commitment and competence inherent in great leaders.

What is the commitment?

Here is the commitment of the Inspiring Leadership team to its constituents: Speakers, Hosts, and Audiences. 

Every Inspiring Leadership event will add value to each person and group who attends toward mutually beneficial win-win outcomes. 

As an attender, we encourage you to come, be present with your full self, enjoy, contribute and strive to become the best leader you can be. 

Leaders transform communities, starting with themselves.  Join fellow leaders and aspiring leaders on this exciting journey!